Property Owners

Management Services

            •  Timely rent collections

            •  Periodic drive by inspections to monitor overall conditions of buildings

            •  Assist in licensing and re-licensing inspections and repairs

            •  Facilitate evictions and collection actions when needed

            •  Verify and pay all property invoices via your account with us

            •  Tenant relations

Leasing Services

            •  Online advertising

            •  Referrals by sourcing current tenants

            •  Full tenant background check to include previous rental references from previous landlords, employment and credit score                              check. 

            •  Professional apartment leases/lead paint disclosure requirements

Owners payments

            •  Monthly itemized statements 

  • Direct Deposit

  • Keep your finances organized and up-to-date


Maintenance Services

  • Hardworking, knowledgeable Maintenance Team

  • 24 Hour Emergency service

  • Regular Property Maintenance and inspections to keep your property in great condition